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Top 10 Shocking Facts About Babs Cardini – (The Magician)

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Babs Cardini
Babs Cardini

Babs Cardini is a Nigerian Magician whose real name is Babatunde Kasumu was Born on May 19th 2000 , He is 19 Years old as at the Time of Publication.

According to Online Sources Babs Cardini, a 19-year-old magician, says he mostly get requests to turn things into money from Nigerians.Babs Cardini Biography

According to Punch Editor who Interviewed his , He stated that When he was young, he loved watching magic shows on TV, so he have had the passion since then.

He felt I must become a magician and eventually he became one.

He also stated that he is gifted; it takes time to learn these things but he did it under two days.

Checkout Top 10 Shocking Facts About Babs Cardini – (The Magician):

1. One of of the Interviews with Sahara Reporters He said:

“Whenever I am performing, people ask me, am I using jazz, am I using voodoo? Am I using any sort of tricks or sleight of hand? I have loved magic since I was five.

2. He started Performing Magic when he was 16 Years Old.

3.  According to Bads Cardini he stated that the reason why he started Magic instead of Music is That he just like being unique. He also stated that he knew if he became a musician, there would be competition so he looked at magic and saw there was no competition in that field.Babs Cardini Profile

4. He was introduced into Magic by his Friend who later dumped the act , according to him His mentor was finding it hard to keep up with it. He was surprised when he was able to learn it under two days.

5. He also stated that he try to tell people that Magic is not voodoo; they doubt it and think he is only trying to lie or deceive them. So he is tired of explaining to people that it is not spiritual stuff.

6. Bads Cardini is a Diploma Holder in computer engineering.

7. Magician Babs Cardini wows audiences by performing tricks on the streets of Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos.

8. You Can Contact Magician Babs Cardini by Calling His Phone Number 08036974650.

9. He tells BBC Africa the most popular trick he is asked to perform is to turn objects into money.

10. On September 16th he became trend and topic on twitter and Instagram, his Instagram followers which was initially 3,500+ increase between hours of the day to 45k+ with so many comments and repost from lot of celebrities in Nigeria.

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