Dangote Refinery

10 Shocking Facts About Dangote Refinery (2020 – 2021 Edition)

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Dangote Refinery
Dangote Refinery

Dangote Refinery is one of the Biggest Project in entire Africa , the Refinery is owned by the Richest Man in Africa , in the person of Aliko Dangote.

The 62 years Old Billionaire , Aliko Dangote with the help of No Body or Organization is Building an Oil Refinery  at Epe , Lekki , Lagos State.

His main Objectives of Building such a massive structure are listed below:

  • Employment Opportunities for Africa.
  • Raising Nigeria Economy by 65%
  • To Process about 650,000 barrels per day of crude oil.
  • Using the Outcome of the Refinery to Invest in Technology.

Below are some of the Unknown and Shocking facts Probably you don’t know about this Great project.

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10 Shocking Facts About Dangote Refinery:

1. The refinery is situated on a 6,180 acres (2,500 hectares) site at the Lekki Free Zone, Lekki, Lagos State, The land was acquired with Billions of Naira (Although we have rumors that the land was given to him for free by Lagos State Government)

2. It is a Refinery and not an oil well , so therefore it is only for Refining Purposes, It will process about 650,000 barrels of crude oil daily, transported via pipelines from oil fields in the Niger Delta.

3. According to Reuters, With a single crude oil distillation unit, the refinery will be the largest single-train refinery in the world, and i believe this will grow the economy of Nigeria in a massive way.

Dangote Oil Refinery
Dangote Oil Refinery

4. Even though the current net worth of the owner is estimated by Forbes at 8.9 Billion Dollars , The project is expected to cost up to $15 billion in total, with $10 billion invested in the refinery, $2.5 billion in the fertilizer factory, and $2.5 billion in pipeline infrastructure.

5. In Terms of daily process and outcome of this project , the engineer in-charge of this project told the media that At full production, the facility will be able to produce 50,000,000 litres (13,000,000 US gal) of gasoline and 17,000,000 litres (4,500,000 US gal) of diesel daily, as well as aviation fuel and plastic products.

6. On December 1, 2019: The world’s largest Single Train Crude Distillation Column berths at Dangote Oil Refinery.

This magnificent engineering masterpiece that took 14months to create, weighs 2250 MT (excluding internal trays); 112.5 m long; 14m wide and 13.75m tall and can fractionally distill 650,000 Barrels Per Stream Day, ensuring production of refined petroleum products that meet world standard emission norms of Euro 5 and Euro 6.

7. Nigeria is estimated to hold approximately 37 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, which is the second biggest in Africa. The country, however, imports majority of its refined products due to lack of domestic refining capacity.

8. The Dangote refinery has an annual refining capacity of 10.4 million tonnes (Mt) of gasoline, in addition to 4.6Mt of diesel and 4Mt of jet fuel.

It also produces 0.69Mt of polypropylene, 0.24Mt of propane, 32,000t of sulphur and 0.5Mt of carbon black feed.

9. Nigeria’s Dangote refinery, which is being built privately by Africa’s richest man, is scheduled to be at full capacity in the middle of 2021.

10. Dangote Refinery will be able to meet the country’s entire domestic fuel demand, as well as export refined products.

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