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Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie

Jay Boogie is a Nigerian Cross Dresser Born on June 26th 1998 (Aged 21 Years) , His real name is Daniel Anthony , He is from Port Harcourt , River State Nigeria.

Below are the Top 10 Facts you need to know about Jay Boogie , who Nigerians describe as a Gay , read below below and understand.

(Biography) Jay Boogie
(Biography) Jay Boogie

Note that some of these facts about Jay Boogie are not yet proven otherwise the Jay Boogie himself , till the day of publication these facts are correct and true.

This short Wikipedia page of Jay Boogie will always be updated with real facts and the mystery behind his Gay story.

Don’t forget that he is just 21 Years old , and he describes himself as a Model and a Music dancer , read the facts below.

List Of Top 10 Facts About Jay Boogie:

1. He is been managed by Queen Peace Micheal , who is the Winner of Face Of Nigeria 19/20 , she is also a Video Vixen and commercial Model.

2. Jay Boogie was born on Friday , 26th June 1998 , Port Harcourt , Rivers State Nigeria.

3. He is followed by More than 40,000 Followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

4. Up till this moment , The Word Gay is been used on various social media platform to describe the young talented Nigeria , No News of him defending the allegation has emerged.

(About) Jay Boogie
(About) Jay Boogie

5. Jay Boogie’s behavior towards his fellow men and opposite behavior towards female will make 99% of his fans believe he is a Gay.

6. We received roumours that he is not a Gay , that the young Nigeria is just using his talent to sell some of his Fashion products.

7. He is the founder and owner of Jays Brushes , an online company that is well known for making and distribution of Customized makeup brushes.

8. Port Harcourt based, Jay Boogie has recently taken the Internet by storm with his new pictures, and social media users are of the opinion that he looks so much like a girl without surgeries and would definitely take over Bobrisky as he is much prettier and ‘sexier’.

9. He is known as Jay Boogie and from the ‘sexy’ photos that are already going viral, and the conversations people have already started having about him, we can say that if Bobrisky is Nicki Minaj, then Jay Boogie is the Cardi B that will take over from him soon.

10. The last but not the least …. He is definitely finer and hotter than Bobrisky.

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  1. Can’t believe my eyes 😳 another Barbie doll in niga
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  2. Jay Boogie fulfills the desire of many like me
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