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Top 10 Facts About Jowi Zaza – Biography , Age , Wife , Net Worth

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Jowi Zaza is a Nigerian Young Billionaire from Ekwuluobia , Anambra State , His is the CEO of Jezco oil , His Biography , Age , Wife , Net Worth , will be shared below.

Note that some of the facts on this page is yet to be certified by Forbes and other confirmation bodies.Jowi Zaza Profile

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Top 10 Facts About Jowi Zaza – Biography , Age , Wife , Net Worth

1. Jowi Zaza whose real name is Joseph Ezeokafor Jnr  Was born on MARCH 21 1990 (30 Years)

2. Nigerian oil tycoon, Jowi Zaza has been confirmed to be one of the cash sacks in Nigeria as he is worth a huge billions of naira.Jowi Zaza Net Worth

3. Jowi Zaza hails from Ekwulobia in Anambra state. His dad Joseph Eze Okafor is a business financier and the organizer of Jezco oil.

4. Jowi Zaza got his four year college education from Madonna University and an ace’s holder at Coventry college. Zaza has been carrying on with his life on a low key and individuals scarcely think a lot about him.Jowi Zaza Age

5. His Bodyguards are a combination of DSS, Army and extraordinary police power.

6. Scrolling through his Instagram handle, the young man definitely lives the luxury life as he can be seen having variety of extravagant vehicles in his garage.

7. He additionally shops in the most luxurious fashion stores like Gucci, Zara, Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana.

8. Jowi is reportedly one of the richest young men in the country. His lifestyle is a fairytale to many people.JowiZaza

9. His car fleet are some of the most expensive cars on earth, ranging from Bentley, Mercedes to Lamborghini. Here are photos from his Insta posts

10. Jowi Zaza net worth is valued at $4 Billion , And not just cars, this oil tycoon is interested in jets and helicopters as well.

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