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Top 10 Facts About Obi Cubana – OBI IYIEGBU , Cars , House , Net Worth

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Obi Cubana
Obi Cubana

OBI IYIEGBU popularly known as Obi Cubana is the Chairman – Cubana Group , He describes himself as God’s Favorite Son , He was born on born 12th April 1975 (44 Years Old)

Obi Cubana by real name OBI IYIEGBU is from OBA a community in demili-South Local Government Area in Anambra State.

Obi Cubana is the Chairman of Cubana Group , while Cubana Chiefpriest is the General Manager – Cubana Conglomorate (Owerri) , The Manager of the Group is Cubana Prime Minister.

To Make things easier to understand we will explain everything for you in our Top 10 Facts below.

Note that OBI IYIEGBU is married to his lovely wife and they are blessed with 4 Sons.

List Of Top 10 Facts About Obi Cubana – OBI IYIEGBU:

1. Obi Cubana is a philanthropic pathfinder, billionaire business mogul and Chairman of Cubana Empire.

2. Chief Obi Oyiegbu has represented the true definition of success. With an organized network of several investments within and outside Nigeria, the young billionaire referenced his success to the grace and mercy of God almighty.

3. Obi Cubana is 44 Years old Born born 12th April 1975 In Oba Anambra State (If this fact is not correct use the comment box to send us a mail)

4. Cubana Group is owned by 3 Great men , below are their names and Ranks.

  • Cubana Chief Priest: General Manager – Cubana Conglomorate (Owerri)
  • Obi Cubana: Chairman of the Group and Owner.
  • Cubana Prime Minister: Manager of the Group.

5. Obi Cubana is married to Ebele Iyiegbu who is the founder and owner of KIEK foundation , a non- governmental organization established with the aim of improving the lives of the less privileged children in our society through quality education, healthcare, nutrition and child’s right governance. His Wife is also a Lawyer.

6. He is a father of 4 Brave Children (Sons)

7. His Companies and Hotels are known for innovative and luxurious hospitality company and are located in Lagos, Owerri and Abuja.

8. His Clubs all over the Nation worth over 2 Billion Dollars.

9. The Motto Of His Business in and Within Nigeria is “The World is Yours”

10. His First Business as a Business man is launching of Cubana Club Owerri More facts below:

Obi Cubana Cars

Obi Cubana Cars
Obi Cubana Cars

Obi Cubana by real name OBI IYIEGBU owns many Cars staring from Corolla to Bentley , so to talk of his cars is not what we will discuss here , rather we show you the pictures of some of his rides.Obi Cubana Cars 1Obi Cubana Cars

Obi Cubana House

Obi Cubana House (OBA Anambra State)
Obi Cubana House (OBA Anambra State)

He owns many mansions around Nigeria both in Owerri , Abuja , Lagos and Oba his hometown , more pictures below.Obi Cubana House OBA Anambra-State

Obi Cubana Hotels

Cubana Hotels
Cubana Hotels

He owns many Hotels and relaxation places around Nigeria , But we will show you the pictures of Cubana Hotels in Abuja , the capital of Nigeria.Cubana Hotels 2

Obi Cubana Net Worth.Obi Cubana Net-Worth

His Net worth is estimated at 900 Million Dollars. (Facts not proven)

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