Pastor Israel Oladele

Top 10 Facts About Pastor Israel Oladele , Biography , Age , Church

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Pastor Israel Oladele
Pastor Israel Oladele

Pastor Israel Oladele is the Founder of Israel Oladele Ministries Popularly known as CCC Genesis Global , a Church Located at 8/12 Duro Ishola Street Alakuko, Lagos , Nigeria.

Below are the Top 10 Facts you need to know about this man of God , note that we will keep you updated about his activities and 2020 Events and Crusade.

We believe that you must have learn that Pastor Israel Oladele is one of the True men of God in Lagos State , Nigeria.

We have so many men of God in Nigeria , Both Bishops , Pastor , Prophets , Apostles , Evangelist and More.

Today we choose to Let you know more about Pastor Israel Oladele.

List of Top 10 Facts About Pastor Israel Oladele:

1. According to his Official website , Israel Oladele Ogundipe (aka GENESIS) is the presiding shepherd of the Celestial Church of Christ, Genesis GLOBAL, an ordained most senior Evangelist by the CCC worldwide, Prophet of our time, a leader, a preacher and a teacher charismatic with apostolic mandate. The diminutive may look small, yet has a big nature of God inside of him.

Pastor Israel Oladele family
Pastor Israel Oladele family

2. Pastor Israel Oladele was born on March 10, 1974 , He is 45 Years old.

3. Prophet Israel Oladele, hailed from Igboore, Abeokuta, Ogun State but he has had a fair share of the harsh realities of life. He was born without a silver spoon in his mouth.

4. He is a dynamic speaker and ardent believer in the potency of the word and the spirit of God.

5. Prophet Oladele Israel hosts several TV & Radio Programmes which airs on major stations across Nigeria. He has also taking advantage of the social media, especially the Facebook to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

6. He is also the founder and president of ISRAEL OLADELE OGUNDIPE FOUNDATION

7. Prophet Israel is an author and publisher. He is also Chairman/Publisher of ISOLAD a publishing arm of his ministry.

8. He is the founder and president of GENESIS LEADERSHIP ACADEMY, this academy is a non-profit leadership development school

9. He rose from nothing to be something. Today, prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe shepherd the largest and the fastest growing Celestial Church in the world with over 3,000 members in a single service.

10. He is married and blessed with a beautiful Family.

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Pastor Israel Oladele Biography

With all due respect , we belive that the information above can server as his Biography.

Pastor Israel Oladele Age

He was born on March 10, 1974 , He is 45 Years old

Pastor Israel Oladele Church

He is the owner of a Church called ,  Israel Oladele Ministries Popularly known as CCC Genesis Global

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