Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria

Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria – (2020 – 2021)

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Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria
Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria

Yahoo Formats are those Corny ways used by “Yahoo Boys” to Steal Online , Here is the List of Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria.

Note that the Word “Yahoo Boys” is a Name Given to Successful Young men whose source of Income is not Clearly State , Although the Current Source of their wealth is widely known by many people , But the Major Source of Breakthrough is Still Hidden Up-till Date.

Yahoo Boys are not Ritualist or Online Scammers , Like example the first 3 People on Our List are Business men and Investment Owners , they are under 40 Yet Billionaires.

Here at Official Naija Top 10  we are not Describing these people as scammers because they are not , they are Rich , Successful and ready to Invest Young men who are destined to be rich and making it on the right path.

Checkout Our List Below.

List Of Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria:

  • Ray Hushpuppi
  • Cubana Chief Priest
  • Ismaila Mompha
  • IBD Dende
  • Shy Boss
  • Baddy Oosha
  • Opa-6ix
  • BNaira
  • Investor BJ
  • Deskid Wayne

1. Ray Hushpuppi


Hushpuppi is a Nigerian big boy who resides in Malaysia. Being part of the prominent Nigerians in diaspora, this young man does not fail to amuse Nigerians and people all over the world with the kind of life he lives.

Ray Hushpuppi (born Igbalodely on June 14) also called “Aja Puppi” a.k.a Aja 4, is a Malaysian-base-Nigerian philanthropist.

Hushpuppi is best known for the luxurious lifestyle he lives both at home and abroad. The young man has a taste for good things as he is highly fashionable.

We currently cannot estimate the actual net worth of Ray Hushpuppi, but people say he had a Rolls Royce, the latest Range Rover and some cars, love travelling in private jet and buying drinks worth of millions in the club, he is also a Gucci lover, he had a lot of Gucci shoes and clothes. Hushpuppi worth billions of naira.

2. Cubana Chief Priest

Cubana Chief Priest
Cubana Chief Priest

Cubana Chief Priest is a show promoter, millionaire, businessman, General Manager and Co-Director of Cubana LEISURE OUTFITS which includes Grand Cubana hotels, Rolex hotels, Cubana night clubs, Pablo Cubana, opium Cubana and crave Cubana.

His real name is Chibuike Okechukwu and he is married with two kids Chukwuebuka and Obinna.

Cubana Chief Priest is the executive director of  Cubana Grand Hotel Owerri who the CEO is Obi Iyiegbu.

The big man both in size and pocket is highly influential and has already bagged over 350,000 followers on Instagram

Please Note That Cubana Groups (is) Owned By 3 People.

All Of them are Billionaires just that Chief Priest dey Chop Life for Insta G (Please don’t mind my Grammar)

3. Ismaila Mompha

Ismaila Mompha
Ismaila Mompha

Ismail Mustapha a.k.a Mompha is a Nigerian Big Boy who owns Mompha Bureau De Change, Located at Bankole street, Balogun in Lagos Island.

Mompha is a philanthropist and best known for his Bureau De Change Business and Luxurious lifestyle he lives both home and abroad. The young man has taste for good things as he flaunts wads of cash constantly on his Social media Pages.

Mompha is married with a child who he flaunts and takes along on his Luxurious cruises .

The pictures he shares on his social media handles show the kind of life he lives as he believes highly in living large and having fun to the fullest. He works hard for his money after all.

Ismaila Mompha openly admits that money is more important to him than fame and sure knows how to spend it well or at least super rich people do, counting million dollars on a regular work morning!!

He is also a Gucci and Louboutin lover, he has a lot of Gucci shoes and clothes.

Mompha Got his 75th pair of Christian Louboutin Signed By MR Christian Loubotin Himself
We currently cannot estimate the actual net worth of Mompha, But he is Worth Billions of Naira and he has Fleet of Cars Ranging from Range Rover, Latest G Wagon, Several Mercedes Benz and lots more.

He flys only in private jets and First Class Private Suites , Unlike his Friend Hushpuppi, Mompha doesn’t go around in clubs buying drinks for millions of Naira and showing off Receipts on Social media, He hardly Post Receipts of his purchased items but we know they are worth Millions in Naira

4. IBD Dende

IBD Dende
IBD Dende

Chief Ibrahim Egungbohun, popularly known as Dende is an Ogun-born socialite and deep pocketed businessman who has his name on many lips because of his stupendous wealth and how he spends big. To many, Dende is a true definition of a hardworking goal-getter.

Apart from the fact that he is a popular hotelier in Ogun State, he is also a transporter. His rise to fame was engineered from being a common Clearing & Forwarding agent to a well-known Custom licensed agent.

Last 4-years the Yewa transporter and hotelier marked his 45th birthday with the completion of an eight room duplex in Ilaro, Ogun State.

The mansion has two massive and well furnished Living rooms, eight rooms, eight bathrooms, Swimming Pool, Spacious Car Park, Gym Hall and a giant generator plant. He celebrated the house warming with his close friends and associates, the Inumidun Squad, a group which comprises of young and vibrant hardworking individuals.

He is loved by his people who throng to him for different kinds of help in and outside Ilaro. However, Dende is a big name in the society, and a generous man whose philantropic gesture cut-across ethnic borders.

Dende has other business interests including transport and hospitality. He is the Chairman of IBD IMPEX Limited, his clearing company has its headquarters in Ilaro.

He also has IBD Hotel in Ilaro and Abeokuta. Dende has many Ilaro indigenes as his employees. In few weeks his new three star hotels in Ewang Estate area of Abeokuta will be commissioned with many hip hop and fuji stars.

On the social scene, he his another force to reckon with, at high society events especially in Ogun and Lagos States, as well as Benin Republic.

5. Shy Boss

Shy Boss
Shy Boss

In Nigeria today, we have a bulk of guys that are awesomely wealthy, and when you see them, they’ll call you boss.

They disguise themselves, and make it look like you’re the wealthiest man in the world…

Meanwhile you know there’s no level…

One of these guys in Nigeria is known to be ShyBoss.

You see his name, ShyBoss, he’s not Shy by any measure, but he’s one of the top Nigerian big boys with thousands of followers in Instagram.

Shy Boss Net Worth

Shy Boss has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars.

He’s a Nigerian musician and socialite known for his heavy spending and style.

Shy Boss might have added “Shy” to his name, but he’s not afraid to showoff his wealth at all.

He’s got several items worth millions, and as a musician, he has released a few singles.

He puts a lot of money into his musical career, but his main source of income is unknown at the moment.

With over 200,000 followers, Shy Boss shines as one of the most followed Nigerian big boys on Instagram.

ShyBoss House and Cars

Well, just like you must have thought, ShyBoss has an army of good cars.

His cars include the Brand products Toyota and Mercedes Benz.

He’s not a car freak, but he has them.

ShyBoss Age

The age of ShyBoss isn’t known.

His birth year, or details about his birth have not been spilled online yet.

6. Baddy Oosha

Baddy Oosha
Baddy Oosha

Badmus Akeem O popularly known as Baddy Oosha (Lion), was born on the 30th of September and is a native of Ayetoro, Ogun State in southwestern Nigeria, he was however raised in the neighboring area of Agege in Lagos. Growing up in Lagos Oosha was exposed to the vibrant sounds of his people garnering an interest in music, similarly he had a keen interest in acting ignited by Nollywood movies and desired to one day be an actor. Akeem meaning “wisdom” adopted the stage name Baddy Oosha as “Baddy” is a moniker given to him by his late grandfather as a variation of his surname and “Oosha” meaning: small god, because of the presence he holds and the manner in which he captivates audiences.

Baddy Oosha went to what he describes as a “very ordinary school” whilst in Nigeria. Upon graduating he moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in order to further his education studying ‘Business Management’ later moving to Kingston, Jamaica to study ‘Music Management and Production’ honing his skills where he remained for four years, travelling around the Americas.

Baddy Oosha’s musical career spans over ten years, being active in the music industry writing songs for other artists in the beginning of his career. Oosha has always been able to pen hits and often lent his talents to produce music for others, however in 2013 Oosha decided to move into the spotlight releasing his debut single E’semi in 2014.

7. Opa-6ix


Opa6ix or Opasix is one of the Nigerian socialites Nigerian musician 9ice praised in his song titled “Living Things”.

Opa6ix is a Nigerian musician and socialite.

He has been around for a long time and he’s got several hundred thousand followers and fans in Nigeria.

Opa6ix has collaborated with number of Nigerian artistes including Olamide, and he’s known for spending heavily.

Opa6ix joins the clique of Nigerian big boys like Hushpuppi, Investor BJ, Baddy Oosha, Deskid Wayne, Randy Wayne, Jowi Zazaa, Bamzy Riches, and several others as he flaunts his wealth on social media and makes heads swell.

He owns expensive cars, wears, and digital items.

Opa6ix lives comfortably in a modern apartment, and he has a long chain of influence in the entertainment industry of Nigeria.

The primary source of his wealth is not known, but we’d like to say he earns from music and other hidden (illicit) means.

Opa6ix is one of the most influential Nigerian big boys with an estimated net worth of $350,000 dollars.

He earns from music production, and people believe him to be a serious yahoo boy.

Do you think alike?

8. BNaira


Adewale Adebayo whom is popularly known as “BNaira” was born on October 20th 19__, in Ekiti state Nigeria. BNaira as popularly called, is a graduate of University of Lagos (UNILAG) where he studied Geography. He was said to be one of the richest UNILAG‘s graduates. Several information gathered about him made it clear that he loves excess spending(living a luxurious life) and that results so many conclusions from people that he’s in Yahoo-Yahoo(Internet Fraud) activities.

In 2012, BNaira ventured into Music, that is; he started Music has his career whereby he founded BNS records. Adewale Adebayo loves using red colored materials and one of his favorite quote is “Omo Dada, Omo to ba se dada, o ma gba gift/ nice things“.

According to the information gathered, Red means “Love Danger“. Some said he’s not a singer/musician but a confirm ritualist meanwhile some said he’s just a cool guy whom doesn’t like trouble.

In one of his song titled “Hallelujah” he talked about how students and lecturers usually complain about his expensive cars and clothes which according to him said “I remember when I dey for UNILAG, students and the lecturers talks about BNaira, my cars are red(dem say), my shoes are red(dem red), shey na problem say my favourite color red? Abeg leave me, na my life I con chop, I no chop your own o”

9. Investor BJ

Investor BJ
Investor BJ

Investor BJ is arguably the biggest boy on this list, but not the richest yahoo boy in Nigeria.

This guy is a diehard Gucci fan like another guy on this list and that’s not all – he also claims to be the only recognized African by Gucci in Malaysia(we have some reasons to believe it’s true).

His ever-growing fans and followers on social media also enjoy photos of himself purchasing very expensive items from this popular fashion brand(Gucci). He is a Malaysian Based Nigerian and a suspected yahoo boy.

10. Deskid Wayne

Deskid Wayne
Deskid Wayne

Deskid Wayne is one of the most talked about socialite in Nigeria.

His lavish lifestyle has put him on the list of the richest Nigerian big boys flaunting wealth on social media.

He rose to stardom after a video of him smoking with a lighted dollar bill went viral. Since then, his extreme showoff of bundles of currency bills have kept his followers pilling up.

He’s known to spend very lavishly, and he’s one of the youngest Nigerian big boys.

Deskid Wayne has a princess, his girlfriend, Mhiz Wayne.

They’re both seen having the nicest of times and capturing lovely times together.

She’s believed to be his girlfriend, and the source of his wealth is currently unknown, and he’s known to flaunt several currencies in huge bundles.

Deskid Wayne Age

Deskid Wayne Age
Deskid Wayne Age

He’s relatively a young guy. From the way he looks, he’s in his late 20s.

Like was mentioned before, Deskid Wayne is one of the youngest Nigerian big boys on social media.

At least, he one of the youngest most lavish ones.

Other very young guys with similar attributes as Deskid Wayne include Xpensive Aboki Wire, Bamzy Riches, and Investor Billionz.

The exact age of Deskid Wayne isn’t known.

Very little is known about the personal life of Deskid Wayne, and his background.

Deskid Wayne Girlfriend

His girlfriend, Mhiz Wayne, is a fair princess known to always be with her man, Deskid Wayne.

They’re both lovebirds, no one can attest to their faithfulness other than themselves.

Deskid Wayne House and Cars

Deskid Wayne has a number of expensive vehicles, including Toyota SUVs.

He doesn’t flaunt his cars very easily, but he owns a number of good cars.

Talking about his house, he lives in a modern and expensive apartment.

Although based in Ghana, the Nigerian big boy is known to lodge in 5-star hotels in Nigeria and other countries he visits.

How Does Deskid Wayne Make His Money?

It is very easy to say he’s a ritualist, and makes his money from ritual activities…


Unless you’re into exchange of currencies, or a big time business tycoon, it’s difficult to be seen with wads of very different currencies.

Deskid Wayne isn’t any of the mentioned personality, he’s not into any form of business, but I can’t say anything about his source of wealth.

It remains unknown like most of the big boys.

Although, thousands of Nigerians, fans, and critics of Deskid Wayne suggest he’s into money ritual, and internet fraud.

Who knows?

Deskid Wayne Net Worth

Deskid Wayne is one of the top known Nigerian big boys on Instagram with an estimated net worth of $500,000 dollars.

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